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The history of EKOPARK dates back to 2013 and since then it is closely related to Renewable Energy Sources, specifically the production and installation of solar collectors. When our company made a growth over time, the EKO PARK Wojciech Trawiński sole proprietorship was transformed into a commercial law company. Along with the development, we expanded our range of services and started to offer the heat pumps assembly, photovoltaics, heating systems and sanitary installations and renamed the firm to the EKOPARK Installation Works Joint-Stock Company. In 2016, thanks to the many years of experience in the demolition and dismantling of the foreman who joined our staff, we decided to break into a new market. The investments in the heavy construction machinery, vehicles, saws and demolition hammers allowed us to stay ahead of the competition and dominate the specialized demolition and dismantling industry. Having a great potential in the form of the qualified employees and modern equipment, we decided to undertake the implementation of contracts as the General Contractor, completing our offer. As a general contractor of the various works, we had the pleasure to participate in the implementation of plenty of the prestigious operations.


Among the most interesting ones we can mention:

• construction of a photovoltaic installation for The Congregation of the Albertine Sisters Serving The Poor, Bydgoszcz, Poland (as the General Contractor),
• construction of a photovoltaic installation for ANPOL SPRINK, Toruń, Poland (as the General Contractor),
• construction of 200 solar installations, The Municipality of Chełmża, Poland,
• construction of 60 solar installations. The Municipaliy of Łubianka, Poland,
• construction of 46 solar installations, The Municipality of Wąbrzeźno, Poland (as the General Contractor),
• construction of the Retro Office House building, Wrocław, Poland
• construction of “The Minikoperniki”, Innovative Education Centre. Mill of Knowledge, Toruń, Poland (as the General Contractor),
• construction of a new Amica hall, Wronki, Poland
• construction of the Burger King restaurant, Otłoczyno, Poland
• production hall expansion, Katarzynki, Ostaszewo, Poland
• construction of the District Police Command, Inowrocław, Poland
• expansion of the boiler room, Franciscan Order, Toruń, Poland (as the General Contractor),
• construction of the. Maria Montessori school building, Włocławek, Poland
• expansion of the NESTLE company buildings, Toruń, Poland
• construction of RIVER TOWER building, Bydgoszcz, Poland
• construction of the A1 highway and the S3, S5, S6, S7, S8 expressways,
• expansion of the Upper Secondary School Complex, Chełmża, Poland (as the General Contractor),
construction of the Warsaw, Poland bypass,
• construction of the Inowrocław, Poland bypass,
• expansion of the production hall and the construction of a photovoltaic installation, the DRIMER, Toruń (as the General Contractor).

At the beginning of 2021, our company departed from the current business model closely related to construction and demolition. We made a groundbreaking step into a new reality. Establishinh our very own Research and Development Center where we are developing and improving innovative methods of the heat, cold and electricity storage in cooperation with the various systems of Renewable Energy Sources. At the same time, we are breaking the European market of smart technologies by implementing and launching the European network of ITK POINT, the Intelligent Communication Terminals.

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EKOPARK Joint-Stock Company was established as a response to the ever-changing trends in our country’s energy policy. The environmental pollution, global warming and the depletion of energy resources have defined a change in human thinking and our need to return to the ecological, natural solutions. We believe that thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are able to help many people not only save their money, but also take care of our common good, which is a healthy and clean environment. We intend to achieve this goal thanks to the dynamic implementation on the market of innovative RES products tested and certified by our Research and Development Center. We would also like to to dictate trends in the development of smart cities by launching the European network of ITK POINT, the Intelligent Communication Terminals.


Wojciech Trawiński
Chairman of the Board

Creating, forgetting about the clock and fighting with the papers is my everyday life. As the Chairman of the Board, I make strategic decisions for the development of our company.

Beata Ulatowska
Business Development Director
Paweł Kaczmarczyk
Chief Operating Officer

I am responsible for preparing the offers. I also support the management and all of the operational activities on our construction sites.

Zuzanna Rogińska
Board’s Plenipotentatory & Company Lawyer
Zuzanna Łukasiak
Chief accountant

I provide the company with the accurate and timely settlements with contractors on my daily basis. I will never accept any incorrect invoices!

Magdalena Błach
HR and payroll specialist

I am the head of the HR and the payroll department. I make sure that all matters related to the payments, diets, subsidies and training run smoothly and on time in my everyday work.

Karolina Żółtowska

Tables, lists and cost estimates – that is my everyday responsibility. I always look for the possible improvements and solutions to optimize the company’s operating costs.

Magdalena Błach
Specjalista ds. kadr i płac

Prowadzę dział kadr i płac. Na co dzień dbam o to, aby wszystkie sprawy związane z wypłatami, dietami, dotacjami i szkoleniami przebiegały sprawnie i terminowo.

Karolina Żółtowska

Tabele, zestawienia i kosztorysy to moja codzienność. Prowadząc analizy zawsze poszukuję możliwych usprawnień i rozwiązań optymalizujących koszty operacyjne spółki.

Zuzanna Łukasiak
Główna księgowa

Podczas codziennej pracy zapewniam spółce dokładne i terminowe rozliczenia z kontrahentami. Błędne faktury u mnie nie przejdą!


Logo spółki EKOPARK jest ściśle związane z początkami naszej działalności. Sygnet nawiązuje do montażu kolektorów słonecznych, od których zaczynaliśmy.
Pomimo rozwoju i poszerzenia zakresu usług zdecydowaliśmy się pozostać wierni naszym korzeniom.

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