We provide our clients with the excellent solutions offered by proven suppliers, the leaders in the heat pump market.
Our producers include: Dimplex, Kaisai, Atlantic, LG, Hewalex, Galmet.

The compact construction and design of the heat pumps make the devices fit perfectly into any given space. Depending on the preferences and the conditions of the user, the heat pump can be located in a utility room or any other place inside the building. Modern heat pumps are characterized by a very quiet operation that never disturbs the peace of your home. The device is managed by a built-in intuitive, large display with which the user can change the temperature settings or plan the heating/cooling period. The controller has a color, touchscreen display which stands for an easy operations. Modern technology enables communication with the device via Wi-Fi or by the remote smartphone control.

The heat pump is a solution that primarily provides the ecological heating of the house. Compared to the other systems, its operation does not contribute to environmental pollution, nor does it produce waste like the traditional heating systems. Using the heat pump does not require constant supervision or cleaning. The device can control a second heat source, e.g. a solar collector, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also widely profitable.


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