ITK Point

Intelligent Communication Terminals


ITK POINT is a modern, autonomous terminal, which plays a role as a deliveries and collections (parcel lockers, food machines, ATM / CDM) point at the same time. ITK POINT is also a local information and advertising center with 5G Internet connection, LED screens and poster boards. It is powered by the Renewable Energy Sources, equipped with a local safety maintenance system (energy storage with an autonomy of up to 10 hours) and a charging point for devices and electric vehicles.

The ITK POINT is fully monitored. It is equipped with a universal communication application, thanks to which the public and private transport vehicles can be seen on the ITK POINT on-line screens along with the travel times. The app can be also used on the private users electric devices like smartphones and laptops.

We guarantee flexibility: ITK POINT consists of the ready-made modules that can be easily changed, depending on the needs.

Size S

Dimensions: 3,50 x 2,14 x 2,80m

Size M

Dimensions: 5,57 x 2,14 x 2,80m

Size L

Dimensions: 8,67 x 2,14 x 2,80m


ITK POINT: the STAY-ON energy storage system powered by photovoltaics and wind turbines guarantees up to 10 hours of the energy autonomy. The ITK POINT can be completely autonomous and independent of the energy supplies.

The basics of the ITK POINT:

• lighting,

• a panel displaying information for travelers,

• facilities for people with disabilities (pre-recorded voice messages, Braille signs),

• slide protection system,

• charging sockets for electronic devices, e.g. a smartphone or a tablet,

• S.O.S button for calling emergency services when needed,

• LED lighting with a twilight sensor.

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