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The installation of solar collectors, apart from the panels placed on the roof, also consists of a heat exchanger inside the building (usually in the vicinity of the central heating boiler) and a pumping and control unit.

Solar collectors convert the solar radiation into heat through the absorption layer. The heat carrier is the non-freezing propylene glycol solution circulating in the installation due to the operation of the circulation pump in the control and pump unit. The system of collectors located on the roof is hydraulically connected to a coil in the utility water heater with two flexible pipes made of the stainless steel/copper with a diameter matched to the size of the solar panel. The carrier, glycol solution, takes heat from the collectors and transfers it to the coil which heats the water. A properly designed installation, consisting of the proper components for the capacity of the heater, the number of solar collectors and an entire installation connected in a proper way should be able to heat the water in the tank to the temperature of no more than 70 ° C within a few hours.


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