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General information

General informationEKOPARK solar thermal collector is a device used to prepare hot water at home.
It successfully replaces conventional heat sources in the non-heating period. Taking advantage of its possibilities, the user can enjoy the hot water without stoking in the furnace or having to pay high electricity bills. We offer several models of our collector so we are able to meet the needs of every family.

Its greatest advantages:

• high efficiency – the hot water reaches up to 99⁰C,

• simple structure – the user does not have to worry about the breakdowns,

• easy operation – the collector does not require frequent user interventions,

• quick assembly – usually takes 1 day,

• very competitive price – our solar thermal collector is 2 times cheaper than the glycol collectors!

Connection & Control

Every solar thermal collector is equipped as standard with a solenoid valve, a controller and a probe with a long cable. It is the most frequent set due to its functionality and the ease of use. A probe is installed in the collector tank and it has two tasks: it reads the water level and the temperature. We connect the probe to the controller and place it in the most convenient place in the house. On its display, we can read the data transmitted from the probe. The controller also activates the solenoid valve at the appropriate time and ensures that the tank is constantly filled. It is worth adding that all of the process described above is fully automatic and does not require any additional user’s activity!


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